How to Keep Things in Memory?

Note: There is no solution here, so if you are one of the self-help people, this will be disappointing. 

There were interesting concepts in text books of High School Mathematics which I loved back then because I was a better visualizer then. I imagined things, could get creative in my head and figure out where I can possible use the abstract concepts. Engineering education killed all that. Aptly some engineering fields are ‘Mechanical’ and called so. Engineering should have been more lively.

But leaving the past aside, I am not facing the situation where I tend to forget things. A lot. It wasn’t the case before my engineering education started. I remember even today to a great extent things I learned in High School but after that its pretty much a blur. That saddens me but saddening doesn’t give solutions to the problems, at all. So I am taking up this as a problem pretty much like any problem. I want to get constructive, imaginative and creative about it and figure out ways about ‘how to retain things I learn and keep them in active mode in my head?’

Though the problem stated like this sounds very impractical to solve or vague or nonsensical or plain stupid. BUT what if you were a person who provided consultancy and your client comes up with this problem and is ready to give you a million dollars if your solution if practical and works? What if this was asked to you in an interview where you are force to come up with creative convincing solutions? Won’t you have answers then? Put in that situation, you sure would have convincing answers which you believe in, won’t you?

So that’s how I want to deal with this problem and find solutions to it.

One problem I recognize with learning now is that I have become less inquisitive (not that I ever was a painfully questioning person but I would invest time thinking about things in a philosophical manner at least) Its hard to get connection between things if serious time has not be devoted to thinking about them. If threads can be weaved into a fabric it would be pretty hard to tear it apart I sense. So this thought organically leads me to the solution that when I learn things I have to find ways to relate it to things I already know. I have to make it part of the same fabric. Some times this cannot be practical or at least may appear so. I don’t know what to do then. But this seems to be a good solution.

I have only recently started thinking about this issue, I need more serious thoughts. I end the post abruptly now.

Prose: The Sense of Night

For the bends that lead nowhere to
On a road subdued by voices
And raised high by beliefs
Of world misunderstood
We made more make-believe

What do you want brother?
Lamp posts are all shut tonight
The way is far ahead north
Morning east will show the signs
Until, think about what I’m saying now
And remember my words henceforth

No, there are no devils or gods
Just few hanging moments of past
The waters you suspect are shallow
The words you search for are hollow
Courage flows in a bank near by
From a passage the river lets in inside

On a theatre the drama was played
I did not know it was not what I thought
From the back stage the characters were let in
The act was a time I did not mean
The lamp posts I now see, the morning east too
I travel far ahead to the north, henceforth.

The Corner Shop

Does the fast paced competitive world around you bothers you?

Kolkata is a place with quite a lot of indifferent people. They cannot care to bother. They probably know it doesn’t matter. I have seen the most humblest styles (if you allow me to call that) of living here. Not many worry about the clothes they are wearing or how they are looking. The people on the streets are incredibly real here. The markets are full of noise with people chattering over all kinds of things while buying fish, but with their intent clear and focused on the fish. There are many many retail shops, most of them remain closed in the afternoon. And many don’t even open for days. Still yet most of them seem busy yet content.

Why am I telling all this? Because I think we should all own a corner shop in Kolkata market ( at least I should). A small shop in the middle crowd chattering, watching and moving on to their own lives. A shop that full of oneself. Own thoughts. Own attitudes. Own dreams and own dirt. Not caring what it looks like or how people view at it. The corner shop will remind in times of self-doubt and trouble that most of the chattering doesn’t matter. And once in a while people will come, just to take from you what you’ve got and just to give you what you need. And for much more that exists, you cannot always care to bother. Most of what it seems at first, probably doesn’t even matter.

Stereogram: India

“India, officially the Republic of India (भारत गणराज्य), is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.”


Stereogram of India

PS1: You can request me to make a stereogram of your country! 😛

PS2: Read here: How to see stereograms?

Do You Feel Responsible?

When was the last time you felt responsible for something?

The road in front of ISI is very busy especially in the evenings. People on vehicles and on foot run in a hurry of movements and steps rushing to places they know better. Often unobservant of anything that lies around. Or simply ignore it. This makes it an effort and a risk to cross the road every time I have to.

Yesterday when I was standing by for the Green light to turn Red, a kid took me by surprise by holding onto my hands. I looked down and he was not looking back at me. Instead he looked worryingly at the cars and trucks rampaging on the street. He looked scared. His grip on my hands tightened and loosened at the intensity of speeding vehicles on the road. I could almost feel his heartbeats and fear. Normally I would not care but I felt a sense of urgency and responsibility for this kid. I held back his hand firmly and carefully crossed the road, noticing the mad chaos of events from sudden brakes of bikes to people running into each other for the first time. And I did feel a little fear too because someone was holding onto me.

When I reached to the other end of the road, I looked at the kid but without a word, expression or, at least I hoped, a look back at me, he ran away. It felt strange at that time. But now it doesn’t.

I rarely engage myself in acts of kindness or responsibility for others. And in days the only opportunity I got, I expected the entire quota of gratitude to fill out of it. Even though I avoid getting involved in these simple acts of responsibility but I did feel the need of such gratitude. Why? Because it felt good.

The kid did not thank me back because I did not do anything great. It was an act expected out of any decent person. It was the kid who reminded me the importance of small acts of kindness and responsibility. And how good they could make you feel.

It all reminds me that I have not done enough. Its time to earn some karma points.

How to watch a Stereogram?

This method works for me. I hope it’ll help you too!

Relax Your Vision

1. Put stereogram in front of you, let’s say 30cm(1 foot) and start relaxing your vision. After a bit of time your eyes will feel little strained and you won’t be able to concentrate anymore and the picture will start to become blurry and doubled.

2.  This will make your eyes to diverge on different angles. At some angle you will see that a hidden image appears. When it happens eyes should stick to this angle and you’ll be able to see hidden 3D.

3. Once you can see blurry 3D picture, keep looking at it this way until it becomes sharp and recognizable.

Stereogram: Mandala – The Holy Circle

Mandala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle.” Mandalas have spiritual and ritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism.”


Stereogram of Mandala

This is the best stereogram I’ve made so far. It has a typical mandala which has a circular shape of a flower. It is also drawn with colors like a Rangoli. It is a part of Hindu tradition and I’ve seen it being drawn before every puja in my home since I was a kid.

PS: Read here How to watch a Stereogram

Stereograms: Pink Floyd and Globe

I was introduced to stereograms by my friend Sushant. It took a while to get hang of it but since I always wanted to create my own collection of stereograms. I don’t know why I love them, I just do! :)

These are the first 2 stereograms I have made. They are not very refined but they work. And I’m excited to make more beautiful ones in the coming time :)

Stereogram of Globe


Stereogram of Division Bell


The red one has a globe like structure and the green one has a Pink Floyd cover.

PS: I hope to make better ones in future :)


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