Best advice for success

Long back I read a story of a very rich person who was failing very badly in business. And due to that, his personal and social life was also badly affected. He lived in stress all the time and no matter how many new things he tried to do, everything showed negative results.

Desperate to get better, he unwillingly hired a consultant to solve his problems. The consultant examined the aspects of his large business and busy life. He checked the working methodologies and approach of the businessman and found that he had excellent knowledge of everything he was doing both technical and managerial.

After examining everything, the consultant arranged a meeting with the businessmen and said “I will not ask for anything that I am going to tell you. If it works you can pay me later, whatever you want.”

“Ok” the businessman said.

And the consultant just gave him an advice,

“Everyday when you wake up in the morning, make a list of 6 things in priority from high to low that you want to get done on that particular day. And before sleeping in the night, mark out all that were done.”

Eventually the simple advice turned around his whole business! When he was troubled by zillions of problems, he was able to focus on those that really were threat to his business and was saved. The businessman later sent a huge thanks and a hefty cheque to the consultant.

If you really think, this is the best advice for all of us. Prioritize the things that you want to do everyday and get them done before you sleep. Achieving and being successful in life is as simple as that!


PS: Life is scripted what can you do about it?

What i have learned (?)

Last six months have taught me a very important thing about work. I have known it all the while but you don’t see the pit until you fall in it once. So what is it that i have learned (?)

To do work taking one thing at a time and when are doing it, give it everything.

Now, why the hell is a ? mark there? Well because i have a habit of forgetting what i learn. But this time i am determined to mark my learning in my head.

Pillars of vision

Narendra Modi says that a vision has to be based on three pillars- scale, speed and steel. What it means is that one should aim at a larger scale of work at a fast speed and have the nerves to surmount the obstacles and challenges when situation demands.

Marten Gustaf Mickos (who served as the CEO of MySQL AB), a completely different personality compared to Modi, in one of his talks in Stanford said that when you are creating something, you have to believe in something bigger than yourself. You must believe in something enormous that you could do for the good of the people and this planet which no one else can do.

The two thoughts combined brings great clarity to the direction and the manner in which one should approach work and execute actions.

Life is scripted

It is a scary start of the year for me. Every day brings a wave of nervousness and has me afloat. My feet do not seem to be firmly anchored. And I am pondering everyday, ’Is life about efforts or is it just plain script?’

Yesterday someone whom I can trust because of the way he has lived his life and survived, shared a thought. And the thought is really enlightening. He said,

“For a moment lets believe that life is all scripted and written and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it. Having said that will you also believe that may be it’s also scripted that only and only hard work and efforts will bring you success?”

May be this is exactly what is written in everyone’s script. May be that is what life is all about.