People & Work

You never miss work. You cannot afford to miss work. It is what brings food to the table. It is what gives you economic value and justification to your skills and qualification.

But you always miss people. You miss not knowing them better. You miss not knowing what they are like, what they think, what makes them happy, what their interests are or what is their view of life.

When it comes to work, most of us are replaceable. This is how good organizations, I think, are supposed to be built. When you leave, tomorrow there be someone else, who might be better at every aspect of work than you were.

But as a person, you are never replaceable. As a friend, you are always special. Doesn’t matter who gets replaced on your seat, they can’t ever replace your presence.

I have begun to value my relationships with people a lot more. It is inevitable that you will keep working for as long as you can but it is not inevitable that you will have many good friends.


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