The Corner Shop

Does the fast paced competitive world around you bothers you?

Kolkata is a place with quite a lot of indifferent people. They cannot care to bother. They probably know it doesn’t matter. I have seen the most humblest styles (if you allow me to call that) of living here. Not many worry about the clothes they are wearing or how they are looking. The people on the streets are incredibly real here. The markets are full of noise with people chattering over all kinds of things while buying fish, but with their intent clear and focused on the fish. There are many many retail shops, most of them remain closed in the afternoon. And many don’t even open for days. Still yet most of them seem busy yet content.

Why am I telling all this? Because I think we should all own a corner shop in Kolkata market ( at least I should). A small shop in the middle crowd chattering, watching and moving on to their own lives. A shop that full of oneself. Own thoughts. Own attitudes. Own dreams and own dirt. Not caring what it looks like or how people view at it. The corner shop will remind in times of self-doubt and trouble that most of the chattering doesn’t matter. And once in a while people will come, just to take from you what you’ve got and just to give you what you need. And for much more that exists, you cannot always care to bother. Most of what it seems at first, probably doesn’t even matter.

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