Childhood Games

A collection of games that are popular between children in India. You would love to revisit them 🙂

Poshampa bhai Poshampa
Two kids make a gate like structure and others pass through it in a line. As soon as the song is finished, the kid inside the gate is taken aside and asked questions. Depending on the answers it is decides in which team he or she will go.

Poshampa Bhai Poshampa
Char khilone kya kiya
Sau rupaye ki Ghadi churayi
Charane ki kulfi khayi
ab to Jail mein aana padega
Jain ka pani peenna padega


Ghora chala bhai
Players sit in a circle and one of them moves around holding a handkerchief and singing “ghora chalaa bhai peeche dekhe maar khayi” . S/he puts the napkin behind any one person and tries to cover whole circle before that person finds out.


Chupan chupai
Same as hide and seek.


Chor Police
Players are divided into teams Chor and Police. Police seeks the Chor team and brings it to one place and then the teams are exchanged.


Players are divided into two teams who occupy one half each of a rectangular area drawn on the ground. A player from one of the team enters others territory, touches one of their players and tries to run back to his/her territory without losing his/her breath.


Kho Kho
Played with two 12 Players teams,one team(9 players) sits on ground between two poles and the other team sends three team members. The sitting team has to catch these players before time runs out.


Langdi Tang
In a defined area one person hops on one leg and try to catch all the other players.


A soft ball is made, typically from old socks and in the game the player who has the ball can hit any other player. The game starts with a stack of stones/marbles put on which the ball is hit first, as it breaks, the game starts.


Aankh Micholi
Eyes of one of the players are closed by handkerchief and s/he has to find other players in the defined area.


One of the players runs after others and gives them vish. As soon as vish is given the person stays there until teammates come to give him/her amrit. The game continues until all players have been given vish and no one is left to give amrit.


If you are said ‘Statue!’, you remain like one until released.


Its a board game with snakes and ladders on it. It is played with a dice and one who reaches to 100 first wins.


Its a board game played with a dice in which you have to take all your marbles home. 2-4 player play this game.


Chits are made for Raja(1000 points), Mantri(500 points),Chor(0 points) and Sipahi(100 points). These chits are then thrown in the middle and 4 players pick one each. Raja then exclaims ‘Mera Manrti kaun?’ Mantri responds and s/he is then asked to identify the Chor. If he guesses correctly then the points are retained if s/he is incorrect that he has to surrender the points to the Chor. The player with highest point wins in the end.


Each of the players have to keep a mark of some kind, typically a circle made by pen/ink on palm, everyday. If the circle is not there, the player loses.


There is a gulli like bails in the cricket and a stick. Gulli is placed over a shallow hole made on ground and then hit from the stick.


Kanche are small spheres of glass. They are initially put in a defined area and one has to hit them from a distance and knock the other players kanche out of the area. The player who loses also loses his kanche.


A player would sing
Pinky-Pinky what color?
Rangon me se kaun sa color?
White color! (s/he calls name of a color that is most favourable to him/her)

Everybody then run to touch the color. The one who is caught has to catch others in the next round.


PS 1: Katti! Huh!
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PS 3:Mitti! 🙂


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